Speaker Biography

Kaveri Subbiah

Sri Ramachandra medical college and research institute, India

Title: Comparison of Clinical Profile of Bronchiolitis in Children with and without RSV Infection.

Kaveri Subbiah


INTRODUCTION: Acute bronchiolitis is a frequent cause of LRI in the first two years of life. RSV is the most common cause of LRI in children less than 1 yr. OBJECTIVE: To identify the clinical features in infants with bronchiolitis and to compare the clinical severity and outcomes of those with and without RSV infection. METHOD:  The study will be done with the approval of Institutional ethics committee and the written consent of the parents. Type of study: Prospective, Cohort study. Study setting: Department of  Paediatrics, SRMC and RI. Study period: July 2016 – July 2018. (sample collection – July 2016 – July 2017). Sample size: 150. RESULTS: The clinical profile of 150 children below 2 yrs was studied. 60 % boys and 40 % girls, 48.4% were below  6 months, 38% between 6 and 12 months and 14.6% above 12 months. Environmental factors, nutritional status and RSV status were studied. 53 % were RSV positive and 47% were negative. The clinical severity and number of recurrences between RSV positive and negative were studied. RSV positive cases were more severe and had more recurrences but the difference was statistically insignificant.