Birth Defects

Birth defects are structural changes that occur at birth and can affect nearly any body part (heart, brain, foot, etc.). They might change the way the body works, looks, or both. Birth defects can be mild or serious. Each child with a birth defect's well-being is mostly determined by the organ or body part that is affected and how much. The expected lifespan of a person with a birth defect may or may not be affected by the severity of the defect and the affected body part.

Within the first year, the majority of birth defects are discovered. Some birth defects, like cleft lip, are easy to see, but others, like heart defects or hearing loss, need special tests like echocardiograms, which are ultrasound images of the heart, x-rays, or hearing tests to be found.


Track 15.1 What are Birth Defects

Track 15.2 Causes of Birth Defects

Track 15.3 Complications of Birth Defects

Track 15.4 Treatment and Management of Birth Defects

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