Developmental Pediatrics

It is a subspecialty that focuses on children with special needs and developmental issues. A recent survey found that less than 30% of cases of a child's developmental problems are reported before the child enters school. Despite the fact that these children receive routine pediatric care, the early signs frequently go unnoticed due to a lack of experienced pediatricians and a lack of parental awareness. At home, at school, and elsewhere, children with developmental issues require specialized care and a variety of learning strategies.

Pediatric developmental-behavioral medicine focuses on the child's strengths and weaknesses. In order to overcome these obstacles, they evaluate counsel and offer treatment to children, adolescents, and their families.


Track 21.1 Basics of Developmental Pediatrics

Track 21.2 Essentials of Developmental Pediatrics

Track 21.3 Developmental Difficulties

Track 21.4 Behavioural Difficulties

Track 21.5 Developmental Pediatrics Techniques

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