Neonatology Medicine

Neonatology is a subspecialty of pediatrics that focuses on providing medical care to newborns, particularly those who are ill or born prematurely. Neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) are typically where this specialty is practiced. It is a hospital-based specialty. Neonatal patients with prematurity, low birth weight, intrauterine growth restriction, congenital malformations (birth defects), sepsis, pulmonary hypoplasia, or birth asphyxia are the majority of neonatologists' patients.

A child under the age of 28 days is known as a neonate or newborn infant. The child is most likely to die in the first 28 days of life. By far most infant passings occur in agricultural nations where admittance to medical services is low. Building strong health services, ensuring that skilled personnel attends every birth, and providing emergency hospital care are all necessary for newborn survival. It is pivotal that early fundamental infant care is given, including quick and delayed skin-to-skin contact and early and select breastfeeding, to further develop chances of endurance and to establish the groundwork for a solid life.

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