Pediatric ENT

Problems with the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) in children are among the most common reasons children see specialists. Due to a variety of ENT issues, children may have difficulty carrying out day-to-day activities. For ear infections, tonsillitis, and runny noses, parents frequently see pediatric ENT specialists. Tumors and other head and neck issues are just some of the conditions treated by pediatric ENT specialists. Hearing loss, facial fractures, difficulty swallowing food, and balance issues are just a few of the many other issues.

A pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor may be your best friend if you want to get the best care for a variety of conditions and issues. There are many different kinds of problems with the ear, nose, and throat, many of which are more common in children. A pediatric ENT doctor can assist with everything from sore throats and hearing loss to extremely loud snoring.


Track 22.1 Basics of Pediatric ENT

Track 22.2 Complications of Pediatric ENT

Track 22.3 Treatment and management strategies

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